Ethanol Services
Services We Provide:

MacWelch LLC is a full service design, fabricating, monitoring,
and consulting firm.  We can assist with any facet of the
fermentation or dehydration process. From new plant design to
current plant expansion or modification.

Complete processing and fermentation plants
Turn-key plants to simple technology transfers
End product ranging from Fuel grade to Pharmaceutical and
Industrial grade alcohol
Simplified design of existing plant for easier plant efficiency
while maintaining desired proof
Integrated farm and feedlot systems

Through our alliances, we can
Monitor our systems from a continent away, including
all mechanical functions along with temperature and
pressure of the vessels.  
Make  necessary adjustments in minutes with our
proprietary PC controller software.
One of the most notable innovations of our dehydrators is the
heating of the desiccant beds for initial startup and reheating
after a maintenance shutdown.  This is especially significant
for larger facilities.

20 Years of proven technology that you can trust
Skid Mounted, ready to ship dehydrators
On-site training, Assisting with initial start-up
Proven ease of maintenance and operating
Stability of Proof