Industry Alliances

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The alliance between MacWelch LLC and
Cemcorp LTD. couples R.P MacWelch’s 20 years
of experience in the design, production and
operation of ethanol dehydrating plants with the
engineering expertise of an ISO 9001 certified

When the Cemcorp company was interested in
venturing into the production of ethanol dehydrators,
Mike Coulter contacted R.P. MacWelch - an
experienced innovator in the field of ethanol
production.  This led to their current alliance which
allows both companies to draw on their individual
expertise in providing a comprehensive solution to
their customers.  

Through this alliance, each firm can focus on what it
does best, and can devote their full attention to the
needs of each individual client.  This allows the
customer the convenience of accessing a wealth of
knowledge, covering all aspects of the production
process.  This working relationship also provides
the most efficient method of customizing
specifications for the needs of the customer.