Ethanol Dehydrators

MacWelch L.L.C. has been designing, fabricating and
operating molecular sieve dehydrators since 1982. We have
built or consulted in the design or modification of many of the
molecular sieve units that have been operated  over the past
20 years.

Four generations of development, design and operation
conducted on our own commercial units have resulted in

MacWelch L.L.C. dehydrators that are both operator and
maintenance friendly.

Our molecular sieves can be produced for much less than
units more complex in design by eliminating unnecessary and
costly components. This design produces a  highly efficient
and more productive unit for today's market.

Our molecular sieve units are used extensively to dehydrate
ethanol for fuel application. They may also be used in
industrial ethanol solvent recovery units to dehydrate gin

acetone and other solvents.

Many of our different size units are skid mounted, and
designed to be shipped on lowboy trailers or overseas

Our units can also be engineered to be easily connected to
existing utilities.  

MacWelch L.L.C. is available for the transfer of dehydrator
technology, consulting on renovations, upgrading, start up
and trouble shooting of existing plants, stills and dehydrators.